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about me

Life’s too short to work without enjoyment. I love what I do, and appreciate the people I work with.


For many years I worked as a graphic designer in a variety of design agencies and publishers producing a broad range of work for regional, national and international clients.


In 1990 I formed Cutler-Whitehead,

an Advertising & Design company that lasted 16 years. Since 2006 gomango creative has been my soul endeavour.


The scope of my work covers design, multi media and print, as well as video and animation.


Backed by a fabulous team of web developers, photographers and printers, gomango creative can deliver any design project from start to finish.

Although business is always conducted in a professional manner there is always time for a coffee and a laugh.


My creativity isn’t confined to the design studio. In my spare time I sing and play guitar, write songs and paint.


Designing for me isn’t just a job - being creative is at the heart of who I am.